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Gaskets and seals are very important to the machine
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Some people often think sealing is a small thing, but the seal is a continuous operation of industrial products is very important. Reform and opening up, because of the lack of attention to sealing industry has always been regarded as a small and miscellaneous areas, slow development of a large number of small businesses unable to mass production and quality management.

With domestic manufacturing level, this situation has begun to change the Express. With China's rapid development of machine-building industry, especially the automobile industry and the electronic communications sector, the development of Chinese seals industry already has an irreplaceable practical significance and far-reaching meaning of the development of the industry.

In the new international environment, global manufacturing base for seal products will continue to transfer to China. Chinese seal industry will usher in a period of development by leaps and bounds, but also for China's new ndustrialization will make a greater contribution to development.

According to "China Hydraulic Pneumatic Sealing industry analysis of economic operation," statistical data, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealing Statistics 290 major companies, industry cost-effective composite index reached 170.81, of which 214.97 seals industry, far higher than the national average of Machinery Industry level. 2007 fourth quarter sealed the domestic industry achieved sales revenues of 3.604 billion yuan more

than the same period in 2006 grew 25.27%

Sealing industry in 2007 leading enterprises Zhi Ai Group sales of more than 575 million yuan, achieve eleven years continuous rapid growth. The total number of existing staff and employment of more than 1200 people. In leading the industry, continual improvement, the pursuit of excellence approach, in the new year Zhi Ai Group will further the adoption of superior management, the creation of excellent quality, excellent pool of talent in the industry continue to perform miracles.

It is also necessary as a number of industries such Ai Zhi leading enterprises, and further to regulate the market sealed technology standardization, quality, standardization, standardization aftermarket. Advanced sealing technology will push forward the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry has been an increasing number of industrial enterprises used.

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